Friday, September 27, 2013

Claims of Ancient Druids performing Human Sacrifice.

The views of an Un-Reformed Druid on our so called Dark Druid Past or the Roman and modern archaeology claims of Druids performing Human Sacrifice
We all know history is written by the Victor and as we (the Druids of our ancient past self's) withdrew from the field of Earth's combat. We know the Romans had no reason to speak kindly or truly of us as they extinguished the burning embers of the Old ways in the Celts.

It is very simple, we served Nature and the Celtic Nations with Honor and Wisdom both in matters of divine faith and Societal Law. We accept the wisdom of our elder self's that during their time and place in the old world, the actions of the Druids as a whole were correct and as we would do again if transported back in time.

What was was and was as it needed to be. We neither accept or reject any historical records of how the Druids administrated Faith or Law for the Celtic Nations.  Today as in the past a Neo-Druid of any Bark, needs adjust the Faith and the rules to best meet the needs and levels of understanding of their tribes (or Celts)  and the Nations Laws that they serve within.

As a Druid of the Oak, be Proud stand Tall!

TDK / The Druid King

Un-Reformed Druid:  "One that claims the Staff  and duties of the Ancient Druids and accepts our ancient Druidic past without apology or judgement. " TDK

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