Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simple Pleasures:

I spend a few minutes tonight doing something few in our hectic Factory made Food World have ever experienced. A few may remember and some Blessed may still do.

What was this wonderful oh so simple experience?

Slicing up a loaf of Janice's homemade all organic sour dough starter Bread.

Five minutes wasted many may say.

No five minutes blessed thinking of Mother Nature and the great blessing plants bring us all.

No five minutes wishing all could have all they need to eat, and in not also be GMO poison.

Five minutes giving thanks for our Daily Bread!

Some Druids worship No Gods or Goddesses, fear neither them, Demons or Death.

Yet we walk the true Ley with the Old Ones.

Sing with the Fae along the way.

Listen on the wind for the Wisdom of the Ancient Oak.

Bless and give Blessings for our Daily Bread.

Moon Rising

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