Sunday, July 28, 2013

What are some of our old and new Druid ways

George Leslie Verge ask the Question

>>What current practice that is a part of your Druidic spirituality do you think is the closest to what our ancient ancestors may have done as well? Why do you think your suggested practice stood the test of time? — at Salty Dogs Homestead.<<

Some random or answers of mine.

 Walking The Ley and Willing The Way

 Use of Psycho-Bardic speak (D.S. or Druid Speak) to teach and triggered deeper Right Hemispheric Brain connections and memorizing activation and retriggering of related ideas and symbols.

 Climate control at a Psychic Level.

 Treating the Goddesses and Gods with respect but at a level of Peers, not slaves.

 Sheeple guidance and patience with the Human Condition.

Helping not psychic folks understand Death and Summerland.

 Keeper and sharer of both Old and New knowledge and Wisdom.

Planter of Acorns both here and in the Astral.

 Friend and Defender of the Fae.

Finding traces of the Spirit of the Ancient Oak in the Souls of others and helping them reawaken it to reconnect to  the Oak's Way. TDK

As to why?

The Words of the Rhyme speak across the sea of time.
But to see the Sea one must travel to the Shore as it was and  will  be Ever-More. TDK

A general note I believe these I have mentioned and those of others mention to be very common, among the very deverios Greater Druidia but perhaps just not often put into words.

Moon Rising

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