Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The unfair Maiden.

A tale for Druid Searles O'Dubhain, Bard of Olden ways and Days

The unfair maiden daughter of the King. Cried every night to her father to fix the mirror as it showed unbeautiful.

The King called on the best Wizards of the land, paid gold out of hand.

Yet none could fix the mirror or make the maiden stop crying.

At last the frustrated Father first and than King said the awful words to the High Court.

Go to the Darkest Woods bring me the the Dark Druid. Tell him I will pay the Blood price!

Fear and cries sweep through the court like fire on a dry summer day.

But Lord we and not at War and what if he brings the Fae?

Yes my Heart is at War, I have Lost and now must pay!

So the bravest or perhaps stupidest was ordered to be on his way.

On the next Dark Moon he returned with the Dark Druid in all black with cowl even hiding his face away.

Straight to the King he was taken and all court ordered away.

Quietly the King told of his love and of his woe .

 Of all the wise ans Wizards that tried and failed.

What price to make her happy I will pay plus what I owe.

Warlock you owe me your life as you betrayed me so long ago.

I know said the King with a tearful moan.

Make my Daugher happy and I will pay the price at Black Rock.

Come the next Dark Moon as it was in days of old.

I own and give you my Soul.

The Dark Druid stood up straight and tall for one so unknown old.

Threw back his Cowl and with a loud and laughing howl

Old Friend Old Fool how can you pay with what you do not have.

Your Soul is her's and she has it in heart of hearts.

But seeing your heart is broken I take that as payment and soon will depart.

Take me now to said maid that I may fix her with the magick from the wind.

And right away the King took him to her bed chambers where she cried her nights away.

Oh she gasp Dark Druid and fell to her knees.

For all knew the tales of him the war and her Father King so so long ago.

Leave us now oh King for none but she my see my Magick and still  live as you well know.

Quickly the King retreaded past her Oaken door and by its self it did close.

As the King soiled his Royal Robes.

Now with a strangely hypnotic yet gentle voice, the Druid ask.

Child what seon the in the Metal Mirror that gives you oh such woe?

And she told him of her beauty that the metal mirror would never show.

With a smile he when to the mirror hanging on the stone wall so cold.

Put his Left palm on its center and began the chants of words so old.

From the time before men could speak and Ice covered all the Land.

Every fire and candle went out and cries of fear rang out across the Castle Grand.

Then it was done and all relit, a hush filled the Castle's land.

Now the mirror was of Blackest Oak, the copper meer dust on the floor like shining golden sand.

Look into the Mirror of the Fae the Druid did demand.

I see nothing its dark she cried and began to tear.

Look again close your eyes that you may may see what is really here.

So she did and gasp in delight as see saw her inner beauty with her new found inner sight.

And she cried oh thank you great Druid for I know now true beauty is in my soul.

A miracle you have shown me this stang and Magick night

.And as the dark moon came the Dark Druid quietly walked of of sight.


(c) George King July 30, 2013

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  1. Nice to get to remember old Warlock Kings and the dark but true ways. Even in a bit of firelights fiction.