Monday, January 16, 2012

Thoughts on what Magick really is:

Magick is a direct and indirect one way and two way commutations with Nature and the objects in our both near and far environments that appear Occult (or hidden) to others around you. As it at its core is a purely mental process. Even as it is most often accompanied by ritual and alchemical tools and processes that tune and enhance it.

So is Magick a Religion in its own right? This is much harder to really answer but I will try. For a Druid (of our Oak) Magick is about being Plugged in to "The Psychic Network of Life on both sides of the Veil". Energy is Energy, for some of us the Singing of the Circuits is enough to guide our Moral development.

For others Magick, Religions, Faith and Laws are just tools and levers of Power to use against others or to follow like blind sheep. Yet these tools can serve as helpers for all of us, as we relearn  to "Real See" in this World of Mad Blindness that we have been reborn to.

The Druid King

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Blessing and Moon Rising

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