Monday, January 16, 2012

Of Craft and Covens, Craft Coven Initiation:

Craft Coven Initiation is far more than a personal training tool, as one is becoming part of a Family that in the past was risking both life and limb.

 Today it is more a issue of working Magick together and other group social and Psychic compatibles.
Still if it is a serious group that one joins, one is opening their Mind and Soul to very powerful group Psychic dynamics. I can only speak of our own ways but we still take full Bio Signatures keep for life, along with the other normal measures of a new member.

 There is a real difference in just studying the Craft and that of joining a real working Coven / Family. One should treat it with more care then one would with a legal adoption or marriage. Like most things in life, there are fun Clubs and Real Special Groups. Ask your self, if you would die for your new family or would they die for you if need be? On a lower scale would you pay their rent or take them in your home if they needed it. Perhaps one gets the idea. As they say in Vegas, what happens in the Coven stays in the Coven.
The Druid King
Copy Right January 16, 2012 George King

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