Monday, December 5, 2011

Protect your Faith:


Go Public in a quite way, be Proud of your path, study its history both good and bad. Never preach, never try to convert another's path, but never allow others to change yours. Live a life that shows your beliefs and tolerance of others by example. Learn as much about the history of all faiths that you can both good and bad. Understand and accept that if Pagus or even just a different branch of a faiths, others in the past and also today may hate you and even try to kill you.

Be prepared to protect the freedom of all and no religious faiths by being part of the political process, keeping informed about threats to anyones freedom, voting for Sane Ration people at all levels of government. Know what is being taught to your kids and every bodies kids in school, protest if it is harmful to any. Keep freedom in school and public Liberians, see to it that your faith has its fair share of books there and in book stores too. Start teaching your children about the Magick, Psychic and wonder of nature and life everyday. Also teach them to not push this knowledge on others may see them as a threat or danger. Teach them to blend in without compromising their beliefs.

Use your Magick every day and share things like why the days are named the way they are or how the seasons and "Holly or Holy days" came to be honored. Watch modern movies and TV shows that have your faith portrayed in them, understand that many people will really believe this fiction is real. Have a survival plan for your family, coven, group, church, grove, temple, etc etc. Both for natural, political, or religious emergencies or attacks. Last accept that you and your faith could be labeled as Terrorist overnight in these crazy time of HomeLand InSecurity and those that gain by FEAR MONGERING.
The Druid King
Copyright Dec. 5, 2011 George King

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