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What is a Pagan? A Druid's View

Let me first say that I believe you will find my definition of what a Pagan really is may be very different than those you have heard from others. Before we dig into the core of Paganism please let me share a quote from Mr. Tom Graves that resonates with my Pagan Soul each time I read it.

 "The Earth is Alive; Living pulsing.
It Lives, but sleeps, stirring at time: and the people of cities try to ignore it, hoping it will stay asleep.

It breathes; and the wind batters the grimy arrogance of the townsman, who dreams of 'Man's increases control over the blind forces of Nature' .

 It pulses, its seasons and cycles turn in all their subtleties; and those pulses are accepted and realized in the lives of everyone and everything in the countryside." (Ref. 1)

 We have for the most part become too Civilized to know that the Earth is still alive. Modern Man as he became Citified or as we know it today as Civilized and has lost real everyday touch with Nature.

 We have even forgotten that the real War was not of Religious Dogma, but was between Pagus and Civis. For how we see our self's and who really owns the World.

 The new Faiths often called the Abramic Faiths gave Mankind dominion over Nature. Where the old Faiths had Mankind as just another one of Nature's children, living in her Garden of Life.

 It seems interesting to note that the Abramic faiths show Man as being driven from the Garden of Life because he / she ate of the fruit of Knowledge. So what did this claimed Knowledge give us?

 Law and Order of all the World as symbolized by our new culture of technology, Courts of Law, Banks Coin of the Realms, Ownership of the Land and enslavement of all that is natural. As we try to bend the thin surface of this World to our will.

 Still I believe this old story to be wrong, Man did not gain Knowledge but instead lost his higher senses and communion with his Mother Earth.

 The old Religo Paganorum, the Religion of theVillagers, the true children of the Garden of Life. These are the PAGANS and their Pagan cultures that maintained a direct symbiotic relationship with the subtle and not so subtle forces of out true Mother "NATURE", these natural Pagans accepted these forces and lived within Nature's Laws.

 Now most have left the Pagan path for CIVIS, City and Civilization. Creating a artificial separation between Mankind and Nature. Even those old old, that many today call Pagan like the Romans and Greeks had already walled Nature out and put their own names on her many faces and forces. The so called Gods and Goddesses who now could be commanded and lived in Man's stone temples. Needing special Technicians (Priest) to interface with them, for the rest of now Civilized Mankind living outside Nature's "Garden of Life".

 What I am saying is it is not not the Religion or Faith that one follows that makes you a CIVIS or PAGUS. It is are you above Mother Nature, warmly wrapped in Man's Technology, Science and living in our Man made stone caves? Or does the beat of your heart flutter with the wind and the tears of your soul fall with the rain?

Does wherever you are, a special voice whisper in your ear? These are the true voices of the old Gods and Goddesses, they are GENIUS LOCI, the spirts of a place. Nature's great caretakers that really keep life humming along. If you hear them, see them, sense them and above all work with them you are PAGUS a true Pagan and my Sister or Brother.

The Druid King

I can not thank Mr. Tom Graves enough for for his wonderful insight and special wisdom he shares with the world in his book Needles of Stone. He has opened the very doors of time to reawaken my Pagus Spirt. (Ref. 1)
The curious reader may also gain more insight in the nexus of Pagans, Witches / Druids and Witchcraft from (Ref.2 and Ref. 3)


Ref. 1) Book Needles of Stone by Tom Graves

Copyright October 29, 2011 by George King

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