Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Schumann Resonance and Magick:

The Earth's Fundamental Electromagnetic lResonant Frequency is approximately seven and half beats per second (7.5 Hertz) and know as Schumann Resonance.
The Brains basic Alpha Theta bridge brain wave frequency (EEG) associated with the Psychic and Creativity is 7.5 hertz.
Nikola Tesla experimented with capturing the Earth's natural electromagnetic energies in 1908 that some feel were a attempt to harness the very power that creates Lighting using a Schumann Frequency collector and retransmitter.
Some of us believe there should be a direct connection in harnessing Gala's (Earth's) Magickal Powers by having the Human Mind producing Brain Waves that match the Earth's natural Electromagnetic Heart beat Schhumann frequency.
Can high level Human ideas or request be modulated on to Human brain waves that Gala (Earth's Intelligence) can understand and act upon, creating a very directed and powerful Earth Magick?
Many ideas and questions arise about this process. Like should the Human brain's EEG frequency only need to match the Schumann Resonance frequency or be near it? Or is it more complex that that and EEG needs to be PLL "Phase Lock Looped" to it? How does one really modulate their low frequency brain waves with what would appear to need to be higher frequency brain wave activity. As normal communications modulations consist of a higher frequency Carrier Wave have Lowe frequency information superimposed upon it.
A) The Human Brain's Electrical Wave Ranges as measured by Electroencephalogram (EEG).
     1) Beta waves (13-38 Hz) Produced in our normal active states of mind and problem solving.
     2) Alpha waves (8-13 Hz) Produced when we are relaxed, meditating or just chilling out.
     3) Theta waves (4-7 Hz) Produced during light sleep state, very deep meditation, hypnotic induced relaxation and deep internal visualization.
    4) Delta waves (below 4 Hz) produced in deep sleep states.
B) Electroencephalography (EEG): The process of using a very high gain electrical amplifier and filters to measure and record the brains electrical activity along the scalp of the brain. This energy is in the range of a few millionths of a volt and is created by the brain's neurons ionic flows as information and processing take place.

C) A Phase Locked Loop: Is a system where one oscillating generator ( In the case the Human Brain) goes both into Frequency step (The same Frequency) and also a 1-360 degree locked phase relationship with another, most often external oscillating generator. In our case the Earth's Schumann Resonance oscillations.

D) Modulation of information: A process of process of varying one or more properties of a high-frequency periodic waveform (Carrier Wave) with a lower modulating wave form that has information encoded into it.
It would be interesting to see if others besides Techno-Druids are experimenting in interfacing with Schumann Resonance and share notes. TDK

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