Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What is Druid Today ?

Of Course each has Her His or their Orders's own definitions.

Some have one that is fuzzy and in a fog.

Others Crystal Clear and diamond hard.

Few Druids agree on much at all.

So should you find mine harsh.

Fear not at all.

Walk your way.

Live your day.

Your own sweet way.

For me, an old and Unreformed Techno-Druid.

This is what I feel mine should be.

One whose's Heart beats always to the song of Pagan Pagus.

One who walks with the old Gods and Goddesses in respectful Ghosti yet fearless

One who walks in Gwynfyd with the Gwynfydolion yet serves in Midgard.

One that carries their burden Geasa with wisdom and will.

One that walks in good Ghosti with all of nature and they are 
Anam Cara to each other.

One that wields the  slat an draoichta and Ár nDraíocht Féin without fear yet to the greater good even if it calls harm to those that need control.

One that acts in true Ghosti Host yet is the ever reclusive Ollamh Fodhla to the children of Humanity.

And last one the walks the ancient ways of the ley and soul is ever stained with the tannen with spirit and wisdom of the Great Oak.

TDK / The Druid King 


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In the Runic Year of 2264

Copyright 11-11-2014 by George King

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