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Un-Reformed Druid Define:

As with all things Druidic each Unreformed Druii has their own definition. Here is part of mine and some other Druii I know.

We are not apologetic of our Ancient ancestral Druids  (our past self's) .
Nor accept or reject history painted by our Roman Pagan  Rome Christian enemies of the past.
 Ref. 1

We do not Whitewash, Forgot or ignore in our understanding, expectations and defenses , the well documented and praised in their Holy Books and "Malleus Maleficarum"   crimes against Humanity  by the In-Power Abrahamic Faiths. Yet try to deal fairly with them today, yet ever cautious  as much of this is still happing in the name of their God.

We embrace our Druidic history of the Cole-Men, Rosc Roscanna ,  Ár nDraíocht Féin, Conjure, Awen, Imbas Forosna and Taibhsearachd. And use them today a well and wisely as we can.

 And Yes we often walk the ancient way of the Ley, hear the the whispers of the ancient Oak, have a special relationship with the Gods Fae dJinn and many other Otherkin of Summerslands.

Are never strangers to the Deep and Dark Woods of our past or the "Well of Was"
Ref. 4

We accept the wisdom of our elder self's that during their time and place in the old world the actions of the Druids as whole were correct and as it needed to be. Ref.1

Often let the Great Bard Taliessin's works define Druid for us to others.
Ref 2


Ref. 1
>> So what is the position of a (Natural Witch - Druid reincarnated) on our so called Dark Past. Very simple we served Nature and the Celtic Nations with Honor and Wisdom both in matters of divine faith and Societal Law.

It is this Simple; what was was and was as it needed to be. We neither accept or reject any historical records of how the Druids administrated Faith or Law for the Celtic Nations. Today as in the past a (Natural Witch - Druid reincarnated) adjust the Faith and the Laws to best meet the needs and levels of understanding of Celts and the Nations that they serve within. <<

Ref. 2
>> In a poem of Taliessin, translated by Davies, in his Appendix No. 6, is the following enumeration of a Druid's titles:---

"I am a Druid; I am an architect; I am a prophet; I am a serpent" (Gnadr).From the word "Gnadr" is derived "adder,"
 the name of a species of snake. Gnadr was probably pronounced like "adder" with a nasal aspirate.<<

Ref. 3
 Some terms used but not all.

The Well of Was

Moon Rising
Babel Risen


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