Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Death only hurts the Living" TDK

Now this can be taken as sure you have to be living to feel Death. With as far a the moment before transition is true.

But is not the purpose or intended meaning of this Sommerland's Truth.

The Soul passing from Mortal Coil (body) may feel many things related to its time living. Separation from Family being able to see it or know it is still Alive and here (for the moment or returning often).

 Regrets or unfinished Business and desires. Longing for that special Lust and Danger Life has.

But Pain no, it may even  carry the Crippling wounds of its old life till it learns that by simple though its Astral Body is Whole and as beautiful as it wishes,

So this saying is to aid the Living, after the shock and pain of losing a Loved One has dulled enough for them to really think about it.

Also to help reassure them that Life after Life goes on. When they feel your love and conviction as you share it in their time of sorrow.

A Bit of others poem that touch my broken Heart.

Moon Rising
Babel Risen

Beannaithe ag Draoithe - Blessed by Druids
TDK  / The Druid King


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  2. Perhaps the Hardest time to wear the Robes and Chains of Druid is when Summer-Lands calls a Soul home. That was loved by those you serve or seek comfort in their time of agony and fear.
    Often not of our toutas (tribe) or even of our Ways and Leys. Yet attracted to us like moth to the Candle, as our Psychic Aura burns bright. And most feel somehow we know the secrets of the Dark Forever Night.