Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Toutas Member at Large or Member Lost?

Toutas Meber at Large or Member Lost?
Does your Church Grove Temple Coven or toutas" (tribe) / community have a membership category of ; Member at large,
Wondering member,
Honorary member,
Friend of,
Fellow X but pain in the Ass?

This would be someone that shares some or most of your common values and goals. Yet for any of many reasons has not committed to the (I will use this term to cover all types of structure here on) Toutas, or the Toutas has not not or is no longer  fully committed to or trust  Her / Him / IT.

This may be someone that does not want to share the responsibilities of the Toutas. Can not because of location or other reasons. Perhaps someone that has a conflict with other Elders in the Toutas management.

So instead of a full breakup moving to perhaps member at large is the best for both parties.

Member at large (etc) is also a great lets get better acquainted position for new people.

Commitments  and Rights of these positions:

Well if you offer these titles of course member type (X) has the right to use it if Public use of tiles is allowed.

Certain or all Toutas business would not be shared unless there was a compelling need to know.

Public Rituals are Public but at large members should have a honored position at them.

Private Rituals, well that depends on Ritual and why member is “at large”.

Tithe and real Physical (Time Work Money) Support:

As Toutas support is in almost all cases badly needed and often insufficient.

I recommend that in many cases Members at Large (etc) be ask to also give a tithe or other real physical support to the Toutas. After all if they do not support the Toutas in some ways, what purpose is there of keeping them on its rolls?


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