Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More of the Druid and the Child: Iron's Magick Fire.

The boy Druii was so young for the Heavy Title and chains he Bore and Wore.

He was in the deep dark forest tonight, it was a very dry season and no fire would be safe for many reasons, seen and unseen.

So he took out a very odd very short iron cauldron he had in his pack. Almost like a modern skillet. Setting it old a large flat rock that was under the leaves and soil he had just brushed away.

Had anyone besides the Fae been watching they would have been amazed at how he just seemed to know were to find this very flat stone buried in the leaves and soil.

He now added his meager meal of the day to the cauldron and with a stout Oaken wand began to tap its side. while quietly chanting.

Thing of Iron dance for me.

May your acorns (atoms) jump and sing.

Bring Suns heat that I desire.

Via Fae Magick without a Fire.

And soon the heat shimmered in the falling light.

It had been more then thirteen white Moons since the Old Druid Master had named him the Village Druii and his heir. The boy had not grow much but was now thin and harder then before. The other children of the village and tribe said his muscles now looked like the roots of the great Oak and his skin its bark as the played and laughed.

But of course never to his face and besides he never played anymore with them. The Elders and their parents treated the new druii like a God. but late at night would sometimes talk about him and the Old Ancient Druid Master. Some said the Master had crossed the great veil., others said no he was one of the ancient immortals of the great tales.

As always conversation came back to the boy. Why him why so very young what made him special? His parents were just common honest folk with barely enough land to for a Cow and Goat or two.

Yet all could see the Power had taken the Boy and left the Druii in his place. There were no alive that ever had challenged the Old Ancient Druid Master. Seems they never lived another thirteen dark Moons when they did. Again not of this was ever said when the boy was near, yet somehow there always seemed to be a Raven or wild Hair nearby if his name came up for discussion. <<


(c) George King 02-04-2014

Part 1:   http://thedruidking.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-druid-and-child.html

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