Monday, May 27, 2013

Waning with the Moon: In stone cold ink

Sadly after reading thousands of lines of Facebook and other Social networks comments on the field of Druids and its many branches and twigs and leaves.

I find myself in a strange seemly GMO created forest, that is nothing like what resonates with my Oversoul or the Ancient Tree as I know it.

Yes there is wisdom, kindness, and caring among the many strange creatures I have meet.  Pretty Bells, nice Robes, and even a bit of Civis goodness scattered round. But what of the Adder and the Ley of the Cole-Men and of the first.

I find a Wolf or two an honored Bard here and there.  Yes these are of old Druid Blue.

But the keeper of the Egg has  not been found,  and the Moot but a hole in the ground. Perhaps a Pool for all to sit round.

I know these words to all almost make no rhyme
And the death of the last Bard is a old old crime.

But Summer is here
And yet winter comes.

The Four Ill Winds Blow
Baking Sun and Freezing snow.

So if you find me missing more.
Just look to the Moon.

The Portal of Time
Henge Key to the Rhyme

The Dark ones here.
The Druids are out of Time.

Bring Clan close
Close the Door

Spell the Mist
And perhaps we will meet in evermore.

The Druid King
Walker of the Ley

Now but a simple Adder
Washed ashore by the seas of Time.

Tower Babel is rebuild
But few to Climb
Or put hand to the Hilt.

Bury the Hearth Stone
In the Dark Quilt.

Should you see the Old Druid
That walks with a tilt

Smile, look quick away.
For the life of a Slave
Gets to live another day.

Worry not if this seems in Code
Stand on the Dolmens Node

Its just Raw Awen in Imbas True.


(c) George King

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  1. You are spectacular! I bow to your grace of word and knowledge of mind, body, and culture.