Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reincarnation and Soul DNA

No living Druid walks alone, invisible perhaps even barefooted but we all share the present Omni Druida Forest.

And to my surprise after walking invisible for many years. The views on reincarnation and Summerland are spread as wide as the pieces of the old shattered tower of Babel.

Still I do not believe there is any issues besides Soul DNA that affects the behavior of Humans more than how they view the afterlife or lives.

So for all Druids that wish to understand people and their behaviors, this is a Root Cause issue. Also for those that would seed the acorns of tomorrow understanding the soil we cast them into is very important.

How each of us see Summerland and reincarnation is in itself mote. How we behave because of it is trend setting. And Trend Control is Druid Science at its best.


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