Friday, July 17, 2015

Robes Chains Drugs and Demons on the Druid Path.

While those that know me also know I do not judge what Robes, Chains or Titles others in Druid's Woods wear.

Nor do I seldom take a public position on the use of Psychotropic drugs plants or fungi.

Yet I do judge those I would call Druid's of the Oak and Leys in the Woods I walk.

And yes I do feel that Psychotropics can aid a Uate or Bard at times.

But when it comes to Druii Level lack of control of any addiction or demon prevents one in my eyes of bringing Honor the White Robe or Gold Chains of rank of these high offices.

Be them Drugs Drink Sex Power Greed Envy Pride Jealous Anger Hate or so many more demons that haunt the human mind.

Which also brings to mind my (different from most well know Druid Orders) views on the Order of Training for a Druid.

From this blog:

Druid's order of training

Order of Training on the Ley path of a Druid.

Vatis or Ovate as seer, psychic and prophet must learn to hear and see with the Psychic mind as first.

Bard as poet and warrior must learn to teach , how to bless and curse  (druid rhetoric {Rosc or roscanna magick poems} )   with the psychic mind, tongue and body as second.

Druid as wiser warrior and peace keeper must learn to deal with the Politics of Life both Human and Gods as last.



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