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Adders Snakes and Druids

Adders Snakes and Druids:
Adders Snakes and Druids:

You will hear (read) at times me and other Druids refer to themselves or ancient Druids as Adders (a kind of Snake).

There are many references to Snakes and old Celtic Gods and Goddesses, also Druids having a special relationship with them. I will only go into one here that I often use. As it seems many Neo Druids still have the Christian phobia of snakes even as they walk the Druid's Woods.

>> Ref 1 In a poem of Taliessin, translated by Davies, in his Appendix No. 6, is the following enumeration of a Druid's

"I am a Druid; I am an architect; I am a prophet; I am a serpent" (Gnadr).From the word "Gnadr" is derived "adder," the name of a species of snake. Gnadr was probably pronounced like "adder" with a nasal aspirate.

 “Ophiolatreia” is a interesting read and has a section on Druids and their special relationships to snakes.

“Ophiolatreia”The Rites and mysteries connected with the origin, rise, and development of serpent worship in various parts of the world, enriched with interesting traditions, and a full description of the celebrated serpent mounds & temples, the whole forming an exposition of one of the phases of phallic, or sex worship.|By (Anonymous) [1889]

Here is a free Download link to it!http://archive.org/details/ophiolatreiaacco00nppr

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