Friday, August 24, 2012

Sacred Places....What are they?

Have you ever wondered how or why they came to be considered sacred? Besides locations of great Death and Wars that honor the Souls of the lost or Blue of the Night.
For the most part besides often great beauty, they are just a weak or thin spot between the Veils or Dimensions.
Often with a energy leak that most can feel and some can use or where used in the past by more tuned in peoples.
These past used places or Henges as I like to call then can also now be very dead in our time frame for many differ reasons.
Most often for me the sacred places I have physical access too are Ley Lines. I try and connect in any Ley Line (Energy leak) that I feel.     
 The LEY:
:      I walk with the LEY in the Druid's Ancient Way for here is most often where the Souls of the Old Ones Still stay. 
The Druid King

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