Monday, May 28, 2012

Science, the Psychic and often non repeatable events or observations


Once upon a time, a new unheard previously unpublished Author wrote a first published book that became a Best Seller Book too! Many many people experienced the wonderful book at a personal level and sales just keep growing.

Now a team of well known scientist decided to study these rare claimed phenomena called Best Seller books and the even rarer case of first Book is Best Seller. They located one thousand unknown, unpublished Authors and paid them all to write a book. The team then published the books and none become best sellers.

Does this prove that an unknown unpublished Author can not write a best seller ? The team of scientific team said it does as others can not reproduce the phenomena under controlled scientific conditions. Still there was at annoying best seller book that some many people claimed they experienced out there. OK said the scientist it failed the first test of others being able to reproduce it that are knowable in the art of writing.

Well lets give in the test of the claimant being able to repeat the phenomena under controlled conditions on demand.

So the team of Scientist located the said author and mover her to their labs. They paid the new author that had written the best seller book that so many enjoyed to write 10 more books in a row, and they would publish them for her. None of the next 10 books made the best seller list.

See, see, the scientist shouted, even the special case Author can not repeat it! Now with two scientific studies published by the team of scientist. It was time to reanalize all the known data and publish their official conclusions on the subject.

Because repeated experiments could not reproduce the previously observed odd phenomena of a new unheard of unpublished Author writing a Best Seller Book. The Scientist concluded that it really did not happen at all and all who sold or bought and enjoyed the book really just suffering from mass hysterics or just delusional. At last the Walls of Science where once again proven strong and safe.

Yes this sort of view buries important observations of the Psychic, Pagus and even physical world and new scientific efforts all the time. What a shame the new God of Science is blind like the Lady Justice and only beliefs it its own scales with their thumb pushing down one one side most of the time.

The Druid King
Copyright May, 28, 2012 George King

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  2. I don't think the God of science is blind I believe it is the followers. Just like all things done with a group of individuals it is only as strong or accepting as the weakest link.